Toddler (18–30 months)

The Sunflower House Toddler Room is a lively space the supports the development of children between the 24 and 36 months old. Daily activity programs are designed to help each child learn fundamental skills such as dressing, playing and sharing, tidying up, feeding oneself, and expressing needs with words.

Each daily program incorporates six areas of play, including:

  • Sensory: Helps children learn using their senses, through play-based activities involving sorting, measuring, scooping, piling, and pulling apart. Children learn new words and develop social skills as they play side by side with their classmates.
  • Creative: Allows toddlers to experiment with colours and textures as they develop hand-eye coordination.
  • Fine Motor/Cognitive: Encourages children to use problem-solving skills as they play with puzzles, vehicles, matching games, shape sorters, number sorters, blocks, and construction toys.
  • Gross Motor: Allows toddlers to experience the outdoors as they climb, jump, rock, push, pull, and shovel. Through these activities they learn about dressing, co-operative play (taking turns, sharing) and the importance of social interactions.
  • Group Time: Includes group participation in stories, songs, finger plays, rhymes, felt-board stories, and musical instruments.
  • Dramatic Play: Enables toddlers to explore different roles such as cooking, shopping, washing, fixing things, and helping babies that they often see adults doing. This is important for toddlers, who are just beginning to pretend, identify, and care for themselves.

Maximum class size: 12 toddlers